Le programme d’assurance maladie pour animaux de compagnie de la société humaine de Toronto est souscrite et distribuée par la Compagnie d’assurance Petline


"Pet insurance gave me peace of mind and helped me focus on helping Mason instead of worrying how I was going to round up the payment for the hospital. Mason was just a baby and now he’s our million dollar dog." -Stephanie

"It was such a pleasant surprise, going against every negative stereotype you hear about insurance companies. Bruno is now on the mend. I can’t stress how glad I was to have pet health insurance." - Lino

"With every visit to the clinic, our vet cautiously explained Tom's conditions and how much they would cost. The vet braced himself each time for the usual 'gasp' from pet owners but he never heard me gasp! Thanks to pet insurance, I confidently responded with "Do whatever needs to be done. Cost is not an issue." – Lisa

"Having pet insurance gave me peace of mind, knowing it would help me cover the cost of her incredibly expensive bill. " – Claudia

"Having insurance, we were able to give her access to top-notch care from exceptional veterinarians and compassionate technicians who looked after her 24/7." – Marley