Pet health insurance protects your pet’s health, and your finances, in case your pet gets injured or ill. This complimentary gift of pet health insurance provides you with 8 weeks of accident and illness protection up to $500.


Eight weeks of accident and illness protection for any dog or cat over eight weeks old.

80% of your eligible vet bills reimbursed (up to $500) less a $100 deductible per incident or condition.

Accident and illness coverage begins 48 hours after activation.

Personalized quote to continue with a Toronto Humane Society Pet Health Insurance policy.

When you convert your trial to a full plan, a portion of your monthly premiums will help support Toronto Humane Society programs

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Some coverage is subject to a waiting period, as noted in clause VII. Policy Administration. Pre-existing conditions or conditions which occur during the waiting period will be excluded from your policy, as noted in clause, V. Policy Specific Exclusions. This policy also contains clauses, which affect coverage. This can be found in clause, IV. What We Do Not Cover and VI. General Conditions. Please review the Policy Wordings for additional details.

Pet insurance for Toronto Humane Society customers is underwritten and distributed by Petline Insurance Company. It is available to residents of Canada and provides coverage to eligible pets.

Petline Insurance Company is registered with L’Autorite des Marches Financiers as a property and casualty insurer (NEQ: 1162197215) and damage insurance
agency (Reg #: 606694).

Pet insurance products available to residents of Canada.
Underwritten by Petline Insurance Company.